Robust Lab Elite Series The Rebel “Hardcore Pre Workout”

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Supplement facts

Recommended usage:
This formula contains strong and high-dose ingredients. We advise to take half a dose the first time. 1 full scoop is only suitable for the real Rebels among us. Mix in 250 ml. water and take 20 minutes before training.

Serving size:
1 scoop contains about 16 g.

Free from allergenes.

Suited for vegetarians and vegans.

Contains a high dose of caffeine. When you start using supplements, first consult your doctor in case of medication use. Do not use during pregnancy or lactating.



What is The Rebel

The Rebel is a real hardcore Pre Workout and contains only the most powerful ingredients with high and effective doses! This formula can be extended with Kigelia Africana for the real Rebels among us. Because the powerful effect of Kigelia Africana is not suitable for everyone, we have not incorporated it into the formula, but it can be ordered for a few euros. This way you decide whether you want this extra boost during training or not. When exercising in the evening, it could be wise, not to add Kigelia Africana. The Rebel “Hardcore Pre Workout” is not suitable for everyone, because of the high dosages and powerful effects. It provides a wonderfully warm and euphoric feeling, boosts your adrenaline levels and takes your training to a higher level. In any case, with The Rebel it becomes a lot easier to achieve your goals!

Why The Rebel

We have used only the strongest ingredients for this formula, which have powerful and proven effects. All ingredients are high dosed, so you experience the full potential of each ingredient. Some ingredients work synergistically so that you experience the maximum potency. Most Pre workout formulas today contain very low dose ingredients. It’s nice on a label, but it just doesn’t help you much. There are also still many PWOs where the ingredients are processed in so-called blends, where it is not clear which dosages have been used. The Rebel is formulated in such a way, that every ingredient will benefit your workout. This way, everyone can get the most out of their training and create new “PRs” like never before. There are more “Extreme Pre Workouts” for sale, but these cannot be compared to The Rebel!


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